Planning a Destination Wedding?   

Let Grayton Beach Catering help you with every detail needed to make it the Best Weekend Ever!   The advantages are well worth the trip. 

You’ll get more time with your guests

Trying to hang out with everyone at a four-hour reception can be really tough. At a destination wedding, however, most guests arrive on location at least a day in advance, When everyone is in the same place, setting up a casual rehearsal dinner such as a shrimp boil on the beach followed by a bonfire, s’mores and cocktails for all to attend will not only create a unique experience, it allows the bride and groom to catch up with all of their loved ones.

Then the reception, it can be focused on eating amazing food and dancing the night away!

Everyone is down to party

Remember: it’s a vacation for your family and friends too!   Those that make the trip are generally in the mood to party. This is great news for many couples that are hoping to keep the energy high and have an after party planned.  Maybe at one of our local night spots!

It’s actually less stressful

There’s just something about being away from home that makes all the wedding stress melt way. Destination weddings add an element of fun and excitement for the bride, groom, and their guests. The engaged couple is less compelled to micromanage and more inclined to let their wedding designer, planner and vendors take care of what they’ve been hired to do.  Grayton Beach Catering is proud to offer full service events and planning.

Guests are completely present and in the moment

Because your friends and family have taken a break from their typical day-to-day activities and are in total vacation mode, that means they’re also entirely tuned into your wedding and ready to have fun!

Also note that destination weddings sometimes require less design, as the backdrop itself becomes a part of that design which could result in a more affordable wedding overall. In fact, the location creates one of the most important, memorable and interesting elements of your celebration.

When your guest list is so long, you’re not sure what to do?

Not only does a destination wedding allow you to narrow down that list, it also means that some invited guests will opt out. If you’re on a strict budget, this might be exactly what you hoped for

Contact Grayton Beach Catering today for more information to help make your wedding weekend experience the best experience ever.  We’d love to work with you!

Photo Credit:  Shelly Swanger Photography

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