Yesterday our GBC team, who by the way, totally rocks, along with the Lee Family team, the Grayt-Life team, the Southern Image team, the Sweet Henrietta team, the Five Daughters Bakery team and the beautiful Neocrete team, all came together and headed to John Lee Nissan on 23rd St in Panama City where we set up in the parking lot, and yes, fed close to 1000 people. It was an incredible day. We served the traditional bbq and sides along with crawfish monica, soups (thank you Magen Watson), our infamous low country boil, and yes, sweets! I’m pretty sure I hugged every person that came through the line harder than I’ve ever hugged before. We were blessed to be able to listen to our guests stories, the heartaches as well as the victories. Every person that came through the line was grateful beyond measure to get a hot meal, cooked and served with love. We all laughed and cried, and yes, for a short time, they felt some normalcy. As most of you know that have been there, the devastation is “real” yet everyone we met had a smile on their face and hope in their heart. So yas I sit here this morning thinking about it, I’m reminded of the simple fact, that yes, when we walk with God, our whole view on things change, for yes, we become changed people. We know that we no longer stand alone when facing adversity, for yes, we now have this source of strength and protection that keeps us moving forward, which is our ultimate goal. So now, instead of hollering out in fear, we simply look to Him for the good in every situation, for the truth is, we know dark clouds will come, and yes, they’ll do all they can to rain on our spiritual progress, but no, we won’t let them cloud our day, nor will we let them steal our joy, for as I learned from our beautiful guests yesterday, these storms, they’re just another way of soaking up and discovering His very will for our lives, while yes, remembering His promise to each of us, that yes, after the rain comes that glorious rainbow.
Friends, I am humbled and amazed at the love we were shown yesterday, and yes, grateful beyond measure that we serve a God of love, and yes yes yes, without a doubt, always and forever .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
Godspeed Sweet Friends

” I have set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.”


Thank you to those who have contributed to this cause, you are truly angels on earth!

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